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Language Policy

When submitting an application for an international exchange, “Outgoing” students and Teachers are required to convey information on their language knowledge and proficiency. In selection of applicants is take into account their language skills.

In the application stage, the Erasmus Coordinator through DDRI advise students and staff, for the acquisition of the necessary language skills for mobility.

Are carried out briefings where DDRI informs about: the Course units/modules and the language in which they are taught, as well as the language requirements of the partner institutions. In these briefings is also provided information and support related to visas, insurance, European Card of Health Insurance (EHIC), accommodation guides and other support (part of this material is provided by the international institution host).

The official language of all courses in ESAI is Portuguese, so it would be important, prior to your mobility, to take a Portuguese free course on the OLS platform Online Linguistic Support).