Incoming Students
About ESAI

ESAI (Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliárias) it´s private higher education institution and is the only school in Portugal, public or private, to teach higher education exclusively in the Real Estate area. Established in 1990, by a group of companies and associations related to real estate, we were at the time of foundation, the pioneers in this type of education in Europe.

With more than 25 years of experience, ESAI provides a unique contribution, the foundation and operational tools to learn how to identify and grab Real Estate opportunities in Portugal and all over the world, in addition to a daily contact with the best professionals in the area.

General Info

Cost of Living
Generally speaking, the cost of living in Portugal can be considered to be lower when compared with most of E.U. countries.
As an estimate, a student in Lisbon will need somewhere between 450€ and 600€ per month for accommodation, food, study material and other basic expenses.

Forms and Procedures

Incoming Students – Forms and Procedures

In the context of mobility programs, through its Development Department and International Relations (Departamento de Desenvolvimento e Relações Internacionais – DDRI), ESAI seeks to expand its partnerships network, so that mobility becomes more appealing to the academic community.
Under the Erasmus program, there are appropriate mechanisms to encourage and ensure the recognition of ECTS, skills and experiences of mobility.

Moreover, within the philosophy of the Erasmus program, ESAI seeks to develop ways to support and internal instruments that establish protocol procedures and help the process of credit and recognition of skills of all mobility participants.

In the context of international cooperation and mobility agreements, student’s mobility is established carrying out the guidelines of the HEI partners, the conditions mobility and mutual recognition of credits and skills.

Students from other HEI (Incoming Students)

ESAI accepts students from any Institution with which it has a valid Bilateral Agreement and a learning agreement for each mobility student. The learning agreement establishes the courses units/modules that the student will attend during their period of mobility in ESAI.
Please check in the study programs for all the information on the curricula and courses available.

Incoming Applications

To apply for an Erasmus period at ESAI you should consult the Erasmus Office in your own University in order to get information on the administrative procedures necessary.
Students should make sure they have a Learning Agreement approved by their home university and that it arrives at our Development Department and International Relations before the deadline expires.
The first Semester begins in late September and the Second in February, generally all applications must be in until the end of June the latest.
There will be a welcoming session organized early September and late January to aid students with all the administrative details and doubts.
For further information please contact DDRI.

*Note if you are thinking of applying for a training period, administrative procedures should be started as soon as possible as our Coordinators will have to evaluate your request and decide if it is possible or not. You should be aware that all documents should be handed in until the end of June for students coming in the 1st semester or for the whole academic year, and until the end of October for students coming in the 2nd semester only.

Important Procedures

Before your mobility

  • Student Application Form
  • Learning Agreement (you should use the form provided by your home university)

Upon your arrival at ESAI

  • Certificate of Arrival (you can use the form of your home university)
  • Proof of identity (National Identification Card or Passport)
  • 1 photo 3.5 x 4.5cm
  • Application Form (original)
  • Learning Agreement (original)
  • Transcript of Records from your home university (original)
  • Certificate of B1 Level Portuguese Knowledge (It can be from OLS)

Prior to your departure

  • Certificate of Period of Stay (you can use the form of your home university)
  • Transcript of Records stating all the results achieved during the mobility period

Students coming to ESAI within the scope of the Erasmus program should know that they will be subject to the same Academic Rules as all our students in what concerns their academic activities.

Portuguese Language Courses

Even though, ESAI 1st cycle Degree has a course unit/module of English Applied to Real Estate and some of the investigation and bibliographic support required is in English, the official language of all courses in ESAI is Portuguese.

So ESAI is developing a Portuguese Language Course with assigned ECTS for foreign students.
Mobility participants (non-Portuguese nationality) will be stimulated to attend the Course in order to help them in their academic integration, but also in the daily routine.

Despite attend this course, is being developed a partnership with a specialized institution in languages so students/Teachers incoming and outgoing can enjoy of an improvement course in the required language. For the incoming will be Portuguese, for outgoing will be the language required at the host institution.
This partnership will allow the frequency to a more affordable price of a language course, which may be complementary or not to the course offered by ESAI.
Mobility participants can also take advantage of the online linguistic support provide from the Erasmus+ programme via the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS).


ESAI has a Support Office to integration and Guidance of Students into labor market.
This Office aims to bring students and alumni close to labor market, by promoting job and internship ads offered by partner employers.

In addition to promote offers, this Office is also dedicated to support students in the process of applying for a job or for an internship.

ESAI has a web page dedicated to promote jobs and training offers.
Once a month, in their institutional Newsletter, ESAI also presents the existing offers.

For Mobility Students it´s possible, upon request and depending on the area of work desired, to have internships managed through our network of contacts.

In general these requests have to be made until the end until June for students coming in the 1st semester or for the whole academic year, and until the end of October for students coming in the 2nd semester only.